Electrostatic Precipitator


ESP Buell ESP rebuild


The extensive ESP experience of MET's Buell APC division enables our skilled and knowledgeable team to provide our clients with the following capabilities:

  • Precipitator rebuilds and upgrades with rigid emitters at standard or wide electrode spacing for all OEM ESP Designs
  • In-kind replacement of emitting and collecting electrodes for Buell APC/GEESI ESPs
  • Conversion of wire-weight electrodes to rigid pipe and pin emitting electrodes
  • Addition of electrical fields in series to the existing ESP to increase collection efficiency

Our Electrostatic Precipitator technology provides enhanced performance and reliability through proven, reliable, cost effective and cutting edge designs that include:

  • Custom Rigid Discharge Electrodes that optimize ESP secondary voltage, current and electric field distribution for the specific application and mode of powering.
  • Collecting Plate Configuration and Plate Support System that optimizes rapping force distribution throughout the full height of each plate array.
  • High and Medium Frequency Switch Mode power Supplies as well as Conventional Full Wave DC Power Supplies

We offer our expertise and service for all OEM ESP designs and all ESP project types, including:

  • OEM
  • ESP conversions
  • Upgrades
  • Conversions
  • Retrofits
  • Inspections
  • Parts
  • Service