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MET Aquires Buell APC

In Dec 2012, MET added the Buell APC Technologies back into our portfolio. Click (here) for the full Press Release.


Buell APC, a division of MET - Marsulex Environmental Technologies, has an extensive background as a principle supplier of systems for the reduction of PM10 and PM2.5 among a wide array of industries including electric utilities, petrochemical and refineries, pulp and paper plants, mining and cement facilities. Our designs and experience enable us to constantly adapt to the current and ever-developing needs of the industry, allowing us to provide our clients with the best available technologies to meet their current regulatory needs. Our commitment to quality is an essential key of our vow to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Our custom engineered products include electrostatic precipitators, rebuilds and upgrades, ESP-FF conversions, custom Pulse Jet Fabric Filters, and replacement parts for all OEM precipitator designs.


Our services include design and structural engineering evaluations, precipitator inspections, on-site technical advisor services, field troubleshooting and training.

Field Services include:

  • Thorough ESP and FF inspections
  • ESP voltage controller diagnostic evaluation
  • Ultrasonic thickness test evaluation of ESP and FF casing and internal components
  • On-site technical advisory services during ESP rebuilds, conversions, and modifications to equipment
  • Training: MET-Buell APC can custom design a precipitator or baghouse operation and maintenance training seminar at your plant site

Design and Structural Engineering Evaluations:

  • Evaluate options for rebuild, upgrade, or conversion of your ESP
  • Perform a structural evaluation of your Buell/GEESI precipitator and provide recommended modifications, if required, to accommodate increased pressure drop operation or operating temperature due to SCR addition, balanced draft conversion, or other process changes

Buell APC draws from a reputable history of design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of electrostatic precipitators and baghouses to fulfill each new project. Our team is comprised of proficient engineers, applications and project managers, and field service representatives, whose experience in particulate control technologies average over 25 years each.

Buell APC and MET have united, with a commitment to provide you with performance based solutions that will meet your project needs.